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Free Conference Call is a web-based service. It is an interactive voice response system (IVR) that provides participants with a toll-free number that will connect them directly with a live operator. Participants can dial the number to connect to a host at any time during the IVR session. This allows for an expansive range of communication options including remote IVR options, video conferencing, and traditional telephone conferences. 

Free Conference Call has evolved into a robust business offering with hundreds of features and capabilities. The primary focus of the company has been to improve productivity, efficiency, service, and cost throughout the entire communication process. One of its most impressive offerings is its amazingly useful IVR or Interactive Voice Response system. IVR allows the host to record pre-recorded information for his or her caller and incorporate that information into real time during a phone conversation. A Free Conference Call provider uses sophisticated technologies to deliver these live, transcription-style responses.

One of Free Conference Call's greatest assets is its amazingly low call costs. A typical IVR system charges roughly ten cents per caller per minute. The IVR system also charges an extremely low, but still affordable monthly subscription fee. This fee covers the IVR server, recording hardware, network connection, maintenance, and other miscellaneous charges. As a result, a typical IVR system can accommodate up to unlimited number of callers at a very affordable price. 

Another outstanding IVR feature is its ability to record recordings after the call has ended. You may want to review a seminar clip several times, especially if you did not have the opportunity to participate in it. The IVR will also record any important information the caller is trying to pass along. If you were having a training session with a client, you could review this information over again. Likewise, if you want to review your presentation several times over, you can do so. With free conference call services, you won't need to hire a separate individual to record each presentation.

In addition, with a free conference call app, you can record and save your entire desktop presentation. This means you can save all of your presentations from different events, meetings, seminars, and more. You can even access your phone list and save individual contacts for each individual contact, so you don't have to type in individual names each time. If you probably want to get more enlightened on this topic, then click on this related post:

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