Free Conference Calls Via Internet

Free Conference Call is an online portal as a free web-based service to allow remote associates or company employees to conduct online business meetings. The company is among the largest suppliers of conference call providers on the web. Free conference call services is facilitated through a toll-free number, which is forwarded by the user to the host company.

This innovative service works as an iPad application and is controlled through the iOS devices. A user can dial any long distance number to obtain free conference call access. The calls can be in plain audio or picture quality via VoIP (voice over IP) with options to transmit sound and video. One can also mute, call hold, forward, rewind and skip. The free iPad application allows users to share presentations, files and videos via the internet and as PDF files.

Free conference calls are facilitated with the availability of shared access code or secret access code. Shared access code is obtained when you join a conference call as a participant while secret access code is required for group conferences. Usually, a company or an educational institution is the service provider. The subscriber or the user has the option to choose a monthly plan that offers unlimited conference calls within a specified area for a particular fixed price. Conference call participants can receive calls at different times depending upon availability.

Free conference calls can be recorded to preserve the conversation, if necessary. The same can be done for transcription services, if needed. The conference call history is kept in the user's profile. One can retrieve or edit the same at any time, as the need arises. Free conference calls are supported by the company's dedicated servers, which utilize the company's bandwidth and network. A company's dedicated servers have better connectivity and security, over shared servers.

The conference call services has enhanced audio and video quality. Audio conference calls use the latest VoIP technologies to transmit audio and video packets efficiently and effectively. Video conference calls are capable of delivering crystal clear audio and video resolution through buffering systems. A variety of multimedia features are available including, but not limited to, 3-way linking, roll-call voting, live streaming, simultaneous display of conference calls on a web cam, and notification of each other through text messages, email, and instant messengers. Some conference call providers provide free conference calls with free software to test out their trial version.

Free conferencing service provides convenience to users. There is no need for downloading heavy software or complicated configurations. Users can simply dial a toll free number, enter a PIN, and start conferencing without having to wait on hold, wait for an operator, or worry about software incompatibility issues. Free conference calls via internet are a good way to save money, while still getting access to high-quality audio and video transmissions. Find out more details in relation to this topic here:

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